The Daisy Gray Partnership

The Daisy Gray Partnership works globally to provide specialist support for people living and working in the high-end luxury hospitality & service industries, corporate environments and support businesses.

This includes teams working for super yachts, hotels & resorts and private residences & estates. We also have a number of corporate clients for whom the principles are equally relevant.


The Daisy Gray Partnership


The challenges of retaining and developing a happy and cohesive team or crew is something we all strive to achieve but often find hard to maintain.

Our philosophy is that there is no such thing as a work/life balance – we bring life to work and we bring work to life!

An engaged and harmonious team or crew will work smarter, deliver a higher level of safety and service and remain together for longer. When you can achieve that you will operate at your full potential in terms of client/guest satisfaction and team/crew retention.

With more than 15 years of specialist experience The Daisy Gray Partnership works with you to help make this a reality.

The Daisy Gray Partnership

Say “Hello” today – we’d love to talk with you.


Say “Hello” today – we’d love to talk with you.


The offer

We bring you together to:

  • Develop greater self-awareness
  • Understand how to live and work together when the pressure  is on
  • Communicate in a way which ensures things are done right first time, every time
  • Learn how to resolve conflict and avoid a blame culture
  • Demonstrate how to lead by example and use to use empathy  and compassion
  • Respect and enjoy cultural and personal differences in the team

The Benefits & ROI

  • An environment that people want to live and work in.
  • Engaged, motivated and happy people.
  • Shared knowledge and a culture of development and learning.
  • Unbroken service chain – the whole team can continue to deliver  very best guest/client experience.
  • Improved staff retention
  • Less time reviewing CV’s and interviewing
  • Reduced recruitment costs

A flavour of what we do for…

… Teams

We bring the team or crew together and using facilitated discussion, examples, metaphors and some fun and games, we answer the following questions….

  • Why are you like that? The nature of our own behaviours
  • Why are we like that? The nature of teamwork
  • Why is the owner/guest/client like that? Understanding the nature of sales and service
  • Why are we doing this? Sharing our own expectations, hopes and frustrations and agreeing how to live and work together.

… Leaders

Either by bringing the leadership team together or through one to one coaching, you can choose the elements that will be most useful to you, or your team. If you are senior in the team it’s a good idea to join the sessions so that you are all speaking the same language and you can add insights from your own experience …

  • Understanding your strengths and where you need to fill the gaps.
  • Developing a positive mindset & confidence in your role.
  • Leading the Way
    • Situational Leadership
    • Managing Performance
    • Feedback and Coaching
    • Delegation
  • How teams work together
  • Appreciating differences and making them work for you
  • Managing Conflict
  • Interviewing Skills for recruiters
  • Instruct & Direct – Advanced communication skills for those with special responsibilities.

The Daisy Gray Partnership - A flavour

This overview gives you examples of the work we do and can be adapted to suit the way you and your team like to work.

We deliver our sessions in house/onboard and using external venues, whatever works for you.

We can also work with you remotely for one to one coaching sessions.

Say “Hello” today – we’d love to talk with you.


Say “Hello” today – we’d love to talk with you.


People like what we do

“We recently had Sara in the office to do some team training, which was unlike anything any of us had experienced before. It was engaging, thought provoking and just great fun. I wish she had been in the yachting industry when I was on board yachts, it could have helped a great deal with some of the inevitable crew issues, and could have explained a few things! I would highly recommend her to anyone within a team environment – even to those already working well together (as ours do!), as there is still a great deal that can be taken from it.”

Nicola Morgan
Director & Recruitment Manager / Wilson Halligan Yacht Recruitment

“Quite simply the best leadership training I have ever had”

Craig Munney
Virgin Media

“I graduated from LEAP 2014 and wanted to thank you for all your help and guidance when you delivered the course – inspirational. I now label my management career as BL, before-LEAP, and AL, after-LEAP. I thought I was managing before, but the excellent training opened my eyes. I am still learning and managing six software engineers at various levels and nationalities and I am loving the various aspects of managing including the situational management. The feed back I get is generally positive and I encourage the team in giving and receiving any feedback – “feedback is a gift” – that ear-worm will stay with me forever! I am now taking the next step to take the things I have learnt into another organisation – it’ll be the first time I will be emphasising my soft skills over my technical skills at interview – exciting! Again, a big thank you for all your help.”

Chris Hall
Lead Software Engineer / Kingfisher IT Services

“Sara brought her wealth of training knowledge and expertise to our fledgling opening team at Soneva Jani, as well as her understanding of the Soneva Brand. From the initial leadership training for the Heads of Teams, through the spirited team build days and the focus of the brand awareness sessions, her enthusiasm and energy sparked every host. We are varied and random crowd, from experienced hoteliers to fresh behind the ears straight out of school teenagers from over 15 different countries and a span of over 30 years in age difference, Sara instilled a sense of family, of understanding and enthusiasm that will remain our firm foundation as we move forward to open the best hotel in the world. Her training sessions were filled with creative ways of communicating the message, learning without realizing your learning because you are having far too much fun. I hope that the effervescent bubble of joy that she sparked within the team will last us a long, long time.”

Olivia Richli
Pre opening & General Manager / Soneva Jani

“Sara is an extraordinary developer of talent.

She worked with us as an employee and subsequently as a contractor, developing our staff in all areas of the business. Sara is particularly adept at raising the performance of younger team members and she put in place a high performance employee development programme which remains one of the most successful we operate. During her time with us she set up a number of highly successful Learning & Development programmes, all of which have sustained.

Sara has a unique ability to engage personally and generate enthusiasm in teams across a wide range of cultural backgrounds. She is also effective at training staff at every level in the corporate hierarchy.

In the L&D space there is no-one I would recommend more highly than Sara.”

Bruce Bromley
Chief Financial Officer & Deputy CEO / Soneva

“Sara’s genuine and friendly personality, along with her analytical approach towards understanding people’s characteristics make her a very inspiring and motivating coach. She helped me greatly with identifying both my strengths and weaknesses, how to work on improvement, and how to match my qualities with my career ambitions. Through sessions with Sara I have learned a lot and made great steps in moving my personal and professional development forward.”

Martijn van Berlo
Social and Environmental Sustainability Manager / Soneva Kiri

“Professional and Inspiring are the first two things you think of when describing Sara. Training and development in the Hospitality sector is always challenging especially when dealing with multi national groups. Sara’s grasp of what is needed and how to achieve great results proved correct time and time again. Whether this was dealing with Senior management or Junior teams, all left her sessions feeling inspired. I for one believe that if you can come away from a session wanting to achieve more and be inspired again and again then you have a great trainer….simply She is that. Great”

Rod Taylor
Director / Savills

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